The natural soap has always been of greater benefit because they guarantee us a better hydration and more nutrition thanks to its essential oils.

Natural soap has always been much better for the health and care of our skin than the soaps that are marketed in stores and shops. The preparation of this soap is wonderful deep and healthy elements. There are countless varieties of natural soaps and each has specific properties. We will mention some soaps and the characteristics they have.

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-Avena soap: It is exfoliating and very suitable for delicate skin.

-Black snail soap: Helps balance the fatty acid in the skin, cures irritation and acne.

– Soaps based on orange or lemon: These soaps are recommended for oily skin, moisturize and refresh.

– Soap with Aloe vera: protects the skin, softens, moisturizes, regenerates and helps us to eliminate acne.

– Marigold soap: it is very beneficial for dry and delicate skins and undoubtedly is great for babies.

-Machine Rose Soap: It repairs damaged skin and is a good healing.


Natural soap for the skin of aloe vera and honey.

This natural soap is considered as the most simple and useful for the care of our skin. By combining these two ingredients, aloe and honey, both will help to maintain healthy and hydrated skin, also luminous. You will need the following ingredients: The pulp of 4 branches of aloe vera, two grams of glycerin soap 250 grams, four tablespoons of honey, 100 ml of olive oil, grated lemon. Have these utensils, a blender, the microwave oven, a glass bowl on hand.

To make your preparation, take the container and place the two tablets of glycerin soap to take it followed to the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes until it melts. Then we take the pulp of the aloe and put it inside the bowl next to the honey and lemon zest. Next we put a little bit of warm olive oil so you do not lose all your properties. Now we use the blender or blender to beat the mixture at low power while we slowly pour the warm oil, so they will mix all the ingredients to become a homogeneous mixture with a nice color and very bright.

Then we take the dough to a mold that should be square and plastic, there we will throw the mixture leaving a few centimeters free, then we take the mold with the mixture to the refrigerator to settle, we will have there natural soap for a day Complete, then cut into small pieces and then used daily.

You can even cut it in the shape of a heart, or an oval shape, as you prefer, you can put a ribbon, or wrap it in some paper, so it will look nice and attractive. This soap will have a nice fragrance, this time we use lemon and olive oil, but you can use other ingredients that can be: oil of roses, orange or lavender.

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