This Is The Reason Why Everyone Is Putting butter In Morning Coffee

The phenomenon of coffee in North America does not seem to decrease at all.
With a new chain of coffee shops popping up on every corner, Americans are more encafeinados today than ever before.

Without going any further, the other day I was waiting at a corner to cross the street and I could not help but notice that there was a cafeteria in each of the four corners. As a cautious person consumption of caffeine that I am, I still feel the temptation to give me a taste with black coffee roasted half day.

Instead consume cream and sugar in your coffee, people started to butter their infusions and you’ll be surprised to know the reasons. Yes, that is: Butter.

Soy butter is an excellent alternative to butter or peanut butter.

Here are 5 reasons to reconsider how you take your coffee:

1. Cardiovascular Stimulus

Butter or soy butter or soy is one of the best sources of omega 3 and 6, both of which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. These healthy fats also can help lower high blood pressure.

2. Brain Power

The short chain fatty acid butyrate butter organic crops have been associated with the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and is an excellent anti-inflammatory which can also prevent the formation of clots or severe bleeding in the brain.

3. Reduction of body fat

Conjugated linoleic acid present in soy butter has been shown to reduce body fat mass, especially in overweight individuals. Butyrate content can also increase the wear energy margin of a person, thereby helping a subsequent deduction of body fat.

4. Blow energy

This coffee “Bulletproof” owes its name to one reason: I grant an increase in your energy as well as an increase in congnitivas functions without the usual subsequent letdown of exciting normal.Esta drink coffee helps creating ketones , which is a substance that produces energy when it burns fat based rather than based on carbohydrates.

5. A meal in a cup

According to fans of this super drink, just two tablespoons of butter in your coffee can serve as an acceptable replacement for a meal. The latter “healthy profit” does not sound very successful in my opinion, but the essential fats and calories in this creamy coffee may prove to be more energizing than a carbohydrate source like oatmeal.


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