Home Tricks: Make Your Greatest Grow Eyelashes Ever !!!

Long and thick eyelashes are the desire of many men and women. Illness or some rough eye makeup products are just a couple of factors contributing to the loss of eyelashes. Many people heighten its care, so when an accident happens and lost, largely cringe. It is important to know that yes there are some things you can do to promote eyelash growth and accelerate this process.


With an old mascara brush clean well or a swab applied Vaseline on your lashes. After about 5 weeks you will begin to notice the difference.

With Lip Balm:

This is one of the most recommended, you just have to apply a lip balm on your eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye to the outside to cover all tabs. This should do it before going to sleep and then cover your eyes with a band of silk.

Once awake, thoroughly clean your lashes removing the balm of your eyes before you leave and then apply two coats again to penetrate well and you achieve the results you want. Because it is so recommended? because it serves two purposes: After a while you will achieve a longer eyelashes and also while you use your eyelashes look more naturally arched.

Some tips that could recommend them are:

  • Foods with potassium, calcium and magnesium help your eyelashes grow and foods containing iron, copper and chromium help your lashes will not fall. Also consider that the body needs amino acids for any type of hair grow more and healthier. Keep this information into account and improve your diet because nutrition is key to the whole body including for better tabs.
  • Take off your mascara every night, without exception, before bedtime. No makeup withdraw gradually damage your lashes.
  • In the morning apply a product with vitamin E on the lashes using a cotton swab before inserting makeup.
  • Cut minimally! the tips of your lashes to grow faster and are longer.

It is vitally important that before going to bed because otherwise you desmaquilles overnight mascara will make them more brittle and likely will be broken.

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If you want arquearlas can do but make sure your curler is of good quality and have a good rubber otherwise whenever enchines the’ll be breaking. Also remember to do this before you make them up but also’ll leave. As for products like mascara it is recommended that you use that are of good quality.

Try these tricks and be patient: you will see that if you are consistent, your eyelashes begin to grow longer and stronger.

Source: housetricks.com

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