DIABETES: Chamomile And Cinnamon To Level The Blood Sugar – Recipe

Before deciding how to treat their first episode of high glucose level it is important to understand because their number is high. Some possible causes include eating heavy foods (high in calories), not getting enough physical activity, forgetting to take medications to control their diabetes, and having to deal with the disease and stress.


Insulin is the medicine that will lower the level of glucose in the blood as quickly as possible. Someone using insulin during meals can take to correct insulin dose level and thus lower it. That requires a thorough knowledge of when injected, how often these doses injected to correct, and how much insulin to use. You should work with your doctor or diabetes educator to learn how to do this.

Therefore, people suffering from diabetes began to suffer damage to body tissues and in the future, this deterioration will bring other health complications, even more serious. The person begins to lose weight and muscle mass, even if power is normal.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to control this problem before it gets to cause irreversible damage to health. One of the natural alternatives to combat diabetes is to make a drink made of chamomile and cinnamon, two floors are full of medicinal properties and that will help us stabilize blood sugar levels.


Foods such as chamomile and cinnamon have therapeutic properties that can help in the treatment of diabetes. Both contain active compounds that act in a direct manner at low levels of blood sugar and other problems such as indigestion, high cholesterol problems and poor circulation.

Benefits of chamomile to treat diabetes

Chamomile flowers is one of the most widely used alternative therapies, especially for its soothing, healing and digestive effects.

Some time ago it was discovered that chamomile can help patients with type II diabetes.

According to a study published in the journal “Nutrition” responsible for this benefit is known as “antioxidant quercetin”. Quercetin retards absorption of glucose in the gut, reducing the levels of blood sugar.


Benefits of cinnamon to treat diabetes

This popular and used in cooking, spice has proven to be an excellent remedy for people with type 2 diabetes.


Cinnamon essential enzymes could activate body, stimulating cell receptors. Also it contains a compound whose effect is similar to insulin and has the ability to increase glucose metabolism, transforming it into energy.


Recipe for an infusion of cinnamon and camomile


  • 250 ml water
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon chamomile



  • We pour the cinnamon in a saucepan with water and place it in the fire.
  • When the water has boiled, remove from heat and add the tablespoon of chamomile.
  • Let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Strain and drink.
  • We can drink an infusion a day and if possible, on an empty stomach.


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